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14. Sep, 2015
Master Laura Drayton opened a second class at Langley School, Solihull on Monday 14th Sepytember at 6.30pm. It got off to a great start and students, past present and new are all welcome to this mixed age and ability class. Just turn up - still £5 per class on a pay as you go basis!
Master Woodiwiss's tournament is on Saturday October 10th!
Chloe Montgomery, from our Rugby classes, proudly showing her certificate from a successful grading - and the trophy for Best Child in the Coventry grading section to boot! Well done, Chloe - great performance!
Leland and Victoria Woodfield proudly displaying their pass certificates from yesterday's grading - very proud of both of them. But there is a third mini Woodfield - Lincoln - who turned up desperately wanting to grade with his brother and sister...he'd been giving his parents earache all morning about it! The only problem is that a few weeks ago, Lincoln was run over and suffered a fractured pelvis and is still on a mini zimmer frame. He wanted to have a go, but I sat him down and explained that, if he fell, he'd be back in hospital and on that frame, or back in bed, for even more time. I told him that I wouldn't let him fall behind and that, as soon as his doctor gave him the all clear, I'd grade him. Took it like a boss and sat and watched quietly while his brother and sister graded. 5 years old - and gets it more than some adults - very, very proud of our Lincoln - and so should you be, Donna Treacle Woodfield and Carl Woodfield...good job done there! x
The ATMA have a team going out to GM Giacobbe's tournament in Blackwood, New Jersey in November! We've been fundraising to support the event and its getting close now!
It's all about the smiles!
Whatever you train in, it's vital that you enjoy it. Sure, there will be times when your resolve is tested, but you should always leave a session feeling upbeat and better about yourself!
Squad training, Saturday 3rd October
Next Squad training is Saturday 3rd October at Nuffiekd, Nuneaton, 3-5pm. If you're going to Manchester, get in there!
Martial Arts is truly for all ages!
You're never too old to start martial arts! Here, Master Jean Olden (who we will only say is 'over 21') teaches one of our younger students, Izzy, aged 5. More than karate lessons going on here...
3. Oct, 2015
It's the weekend...!
Training today in Castle Bromwich, Coventry and Redditch and tomorrow at Nuffield Nuneaton for karate and kobujutsu. Squad training this afternoon at Nuffield Nuneaton - last one before the Manchester tournament!
27. Sep, 2015
Think on....
I'm hearing about folk moaning about how long grading takes - this process is not just about you. It's about so much more than your child getting a certificate. It's about them learning to work for reward - and to wait for that reward. It's about them supporting their team mates and celebrating in the success of others and helping those who are struggling. It's about selflessness, giving as well as taking, failure and success in the same breath. It's a lesson in tenacity and self-discipline - did you not notice how your child sat still and behaved perfectly, watching while others were being tested? Watching the grading is a privilege - something many associations do not permit - and you don't have to be there. Drop them off and go do something for a couple of hours - but how much more important is it for your child to see your supporting them...and not moaning about it? Think on....
18. Sep, 2015
Manchester Tournament...
Tournament squad - Please note. If you are competing in Manchester, please read the tournament rules. You must adhere to the prescribed forms for your grade.
13. Sep, 2015
Monday night class - Earlsdon
Please note, the Monday night class at St Barbara's Church Hall in Earlsdon, Coventry, will be adults only from Monday 21st September. If you have a child that needs a class in Coventry there are 2 others - Coventry University on Saturdays at 10.15am and Christ Church in Cheylesmore on Fridays at 7pm. Any problems, please contact me.
14. Aug, 2015
Squad Training
Next squad training sessions are on 3rd October and 7th November - all at Nuffield, Nuneaton, 3-5pm.
14. Aug, 2015
We have 3 tournaments left on the calendar for 2015. Master Woodiwiss's tournament is in Manchester on 10th October, Master van der Schee's in Holland on 14th November and GM Giacobbe's in the USA on 21st November, bringing a great year of tournaments in 2015 to a close.
14. Aug, 2015
The last Gup grading date for this year is 5th December. The Dan grading will be on 28th November. Remember, your fitness assessments and written tests must be completed prior to grading - you require 100% on these tests.
14. Aug, 2015
Dan Grade Seminar
The last Dan Grade Seminar for the year will be on 17th October at Nuffield, Nuneaton, 3-5pm.
14. Aug, 2015
Christmas Party
This year's Christmas bash will be on Friday 18th December. This is a free, family event to wind up another great year.

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Hi Jack,

I teach the TSD classes in Rugby, if you want to come along to a couple of classes for free to try them out please feel free! TSD is Korean Karate.

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Hi there, I'm a 27 year old guy from Rugby Rokeby who's looking to learn a martial art, preferably karate :) I was wandering what you would recommend?

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