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When it's all about the focus.....
A very happy Coby receiving his 8th Gup certificate and belt!

Have a look around our site - there's plenty of information about us and what we do...and we love what we do! Up to date news and notices can be found at the bottom of this page - please share.

If you need to know more, you can contact any of us on the details provided,or call the Chief Instructor, Master Jacqui Fisher, on 07703 345210 or email on jfisher@atmakarate.com


Squad Training - we've now turned Sundays at Nuffield into Squad and Spar sessions! This gives you a weekly opportunity to work on what you want to work on - whether it's for competition, grading or, as it should be, just because you want to improve. You don't have to make every week, but you should add this session in to your training routine at some point!
Squad training is about more than preparing for competition. You can use these sessions to get one-to-one time with instructors to work towards your grading or just hone technique. Try it...
GM Dominick Giacobbe and the ITO
The ATMA are proud of their association with GM Giacobbe and the Intercontinental Tang Soo Do Organisation. We hope to welcome him again this year for training and testing - great old school training! Watch this space....

Latest news....

24. Jun, 2016
The weekend is here....
Classes are all on! Tonight we have classes in Whitnash, Coventry, Rugby, Solihull and Redditch. Saturday, we're in Rugby, Castle Bromwich, Coventry and Redditch. Sunday, we have the 2 hour session at Nuffield Nuneaton. Details of all these classes can be found on the website
Also - we have our demo in Marston Green tomorrow at 2.35pm - please come and help if you can!
12. Jun, 2016
British Tang Soo Do Championships, Cambridge, 9th July
The Cambridge tournament is fast approaching! I've shipped out entry forms to the instructors - or you can print one from the link in this post. We had a great time at Cambridge last year - be part of it this year! This is the link to the entry form - simply copy and paste into your browser....

11. Jun, 2016
Great gradings.....well done!
Just sat down to chill after a busy yet very satisfying day. Two fab gradings - first in Coventry and then in Redditch. Some great performances and good to see the improvement not just in knowledge, technique and ability, but big leaps in confidence and composure. Thank you to all the students for their efforts and the families for their support - but let's not forget the regular crew of Dan Grades who turn up to run these gradings in such a professional and structured manner...thank you. Master Fisher.
10. Jun, 2016
Weekend training and Grading reminder....
Classes are on tonight in Whitnash, Solihull, Coventry, Rugby and Redditch. No Coventry or Redditch class on Saturday - because it's grading day! Please wait for a decision on Castle Bromwich class. Sunday Squad and Spar is on as usual at Nuffield Nuneaton, 3-5pm.
Grading details - just to recap....
Coventry University Sports Centre, Whitefriars Street, Coventry CV1 2DS - 10am till 1pm
Woodfield Academy, Studley Road, Redditch B98 7HH
Full suit and belt, don't be late! Get in there and show us that you know your syllabus. Parents - please don't eat or drink in the grading room and turn off your mobile phones.

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05.04 | 15:32

Love the interview with Master Alastair Banks on the Rugby page! Straight from the heart.....

04.03 | 14:00

Proud of you! You work hard, you know what you need to do and it will be a pleasure to watch you grade tomorrow! Oh....and I'm still going to be strict!

04.03 | 13:30

Master Fisher... What an instructor, i am grading for red belt tomorrow and she has helped and supported me the whole way, even if she has been a little strict!

22.10 | 12:06

I love master fisher she is so nice but strict at the same time i am now a green with red tag because of her i love you guy'sXxxxx

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