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Bedworth class

Bedworth...don't forget. We're in the park this Tuesday and next Tuesday,  13th and 20th. Meet at the rear of the Leisure Centre, wear casual clothing. One class for all, 6.30pm - 7.30pm.

Grading Standards....

It is not enough to just 'know' your syllabus...it requires effort, spirit, correct technique, confidence and, as you progress, a deeper understanding .

Tight fists. Good stance. Strong attacks. Confident, effective defences. Use of both arms when blocking. Timing, Distance. Accuracy. The list is endless...but most of it is to be found in our Student Manual - read it. If I had a pound for every time I'd yelled any of these at students, I'd have retired to Spain long ago!

Be prepared for tougher standards. If you're testing, take it all on board. If you're assessing, don't be 'kind' - it creates a false belief of ability for the student. If it's weak, it's weak. If it's good, it's good. If it's excellent, it's excellent. If you're planning to grade and you have any doubt of attaining those standards, leave it and grade when you are confident. If you fail, don't quit. Take it as a lesson and work on those shortcomings - remember, there is a lesson in failure - success is just an event and most of you don't even look at your report, meaning you don't look at what needs work! To quote...'Success isn't final...Failure isn't fatal'.

Remember - 10th, 9th, 8th Gup....you are beginners and your pass rate percentage allows for your levels. You'll still be nervous at this stage! 7th, 6th, 5th Gup...you are intermediates - your pass rate percentage is higher and we expect more from you. You should show a greater understanding of your earlier grades and be seen to be striving to absorb your newer syllabus. 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st Gup...You are the senior Gups. You should be striving to achieve 100%...no less. Yes, there will be mistakes , but you should know that they are mistakes and be able to show correction. Your confidence should be unquestioned and that should be evident in your effort and spirit.

So...bring your 'A' game....nothing less.


Browse our site.....

Have a look around our site - there's plenty of information about us and what we do...and we love what we do! Up to date news and notices can be found at the bottom of this page - please share.

If you need to know more, you can contact any of us on the details provided,or call the Chief Instructor, Master Jacqui Fisher, on 07703 345210 or email on jfisher@atmakarate.com


2019 Grading dates.....

Grading dates for 2019...

23rd March 
22nd June 
21st September 
21st December

23rd June

22nd September 

22nd December

That should close the year nicely! Xx

It's all about the training...
We'll be at few tournaments this year, but we're cutting back to focus on the training. Those trophies and medals might shine for a while, but solid training will last forever.
USA April 2019
What a blast! Ten days touring the USA - training and sightseeing. Not just karate sessions, but things like the Central Park run in New York, make these trips unforgettable. Our group travelled up to Canada as well, taking in Niagara and Toronto, before returning to New York for the last couple of days. Epic road trip!

Latest news....

13. Aug, 2019
Bedworth class...
Don't forget...we're in the park this Tuesday and next Tuesday, 13th and 20th. Meet at the rear of the Leisure Centre. Wear casual clothing. One class for all, 6.30pm - 7.30pm.
4. Aug, 2019
Summer training...
Unless you're told otherwise, training is on during the summer. We may lose a few classes here and there due to holidays or premises closure, but there's no mass shutdown...keep training.
28. Feb, 2019
Annual Licence Renewals...
A reminder that March is Licence Renewal month. Check your licence and pay the necessary fee to take your licence up to March 2020. If you don't yet have a licence, now is the time to get one! Make sure that you're up to date - and that your details are correct. Any questions, speak to your instructor.

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Lyn Thomas | Reply 20.04.2018 18.01

Hi I just wanted to let Laura know I wont be at the class today. Still getting over the flu.

Bye Lyn

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24.05 | 07:18

Hello, I am running a Cub camp June 23rd arnd looking for someone to do some demo sessions for the kids between 10am and 2pm.Do you have anyone available pleas?

05.04 | 19:45

Hi. Apologies for the delay. Classes are £5 and we run through half term and all school holidays.

03.04 | 20:08

How much are the karate classes in Birmingham? And do they run during half term too?

01.03 | 19:28

Hi. Yes, there are classes throughout the week. Take a look at the Rugby page for details.

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