Welcome to the ATMA!

Demo time!!

We have a demo for the Chinese New Year celebrations in The Kingfisher Centre in Redditch, on Tuesday 20th February. We're doing two sessions - one at 12noon and one at 1pm. Meet at 11.30am in front of Debenhams - demo is in the shop where Mankind was. It's half term, so you can get rid of your kids for a couple of hours! If anyone needs a lift down to Redditch, let us know....

Browse our site.....

Have a look around our site - there's plenty of information about us and what we do...and we love what we do! Up to date news and notices can be found at the bottom of this page - please share.

If you need to know more, you can contact any of us on the details provided,or call the Chief Instructor, Master Jacqui Fisher, on 07703 345210 or email on jfisher@atmakarate.com


Forms videos updated and Fitness page added...

Take a look at the Forms Videos page - we've added the forms up to First Dan...more will be added. We've also added a Fitness Assessment page, so that you can work on the 5 exercises. There's also a table showing expected scores.

New licence registration procedure....

We have simplified and the licence application and renewal process for our regular classes. In future, all licences will be renewed on 1st March annually. This way, we can ensure that everyone has an up to date licence and insurance. The fee will still be £25 and can be renewed through the website or through your instructor. Of course, if your licence hasn't expired at 1st March 2018, you will only pay the additional months required to take you through to the following March - no-one will be double charged.

Welcome to another great year at the ATMA!
Happy New Year! We've already got events on the calendar and are planning some road trips. Keep your eye on this site and the Facebook 'ATMA Students' page....
Find us on Facebook!
If you're a Facebook user, we have our student group - ATMA Students, a closed group, suitable to show to your children, with information and forms videos to help with training. Just send a request to join and we'll set you up. There's also a public page - Laura ATMA Fisher - with information and banter between students!

Latest news....

12. Feb, 2018
Temple Forms training videos....
Just added Sip Soo (Jitte), Ji'in and Jion to the Forms Videos page. Remember - they're only an aid to your training and can never be a replacement for getting to class!
25. Jan, 2018
March approaches...
Don't forget - we're simplifying the membership system, so that everyone has the same renewal date of march each year. We'll be issuing membership forms in the near future.
9. Jan, 2018
2018 Dates so far...
These are the events we've been notified of to date and the current planned grading dates, avoiding public holiday dates! We'll notify you of any additions and changes....

Gup Gradings....
Saturday 10th March
Saturday 9th June
Saturday 15th September
Saturday 15th December

Dan Gradings
Sunday 10th June
Sunday 16th December

TTF Cardiff - Saturday 28th April
London Black Belt - Saturday 19th May
Mercia TSD Coventry - Sunday 20th May
BTSDI Cambridge - Saturday 7th July

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13.01 | 21:32

Hi. I wanted to enquire whether the lessons are on a monthly subscription basis or pay per session. I have 2 children that I wish to attend twice a week

17.09 | 21:11

Thankyou for these worksheets, SBN's.

See you soon,



05.04 | 17:32

Love the interview with Master Alastair Banks on the Rugby page! Straight from the heart.....

05.03 | 09:43

It's Grading day people!!! Good luck to all and hope you enjoy yourselves

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