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Gradings, Saturday 9th October...

The Gup Gradings will be held on Saturday 9th October. We have arranged the usual two sessions...

Session 1...10am to 1pm
Coventry University Sports Centre
Whitefriars Street

Session 2...3pm to 6pm
Marston Green Parish Hall
Elmdon Road
Marston Green
B37 7BT

Timings for your group will be available nearer to the date, but please let your instructor know whether you will be doing the morning or afternoon session.

ATMA Students - in case you missed this on our Facebook group...

Just in case you missed this...
As you will be aware, the next opportunity to belt test is approaching (October 9th) and there will be another available shortly afterwards in December. This note is intended mainly for our new students, but our old hands should still look through it to make sure you have everything you need for your training.
This is your insurance. The cost of membership is £25 per annum. This can be paid in one or as a monthly standing order. Both options are available in the online store. You will need this before you are permitted to belt test.
Suits are currently £21 for child sizes (160cm and below) adult sizes are £26. Suits are available to order from your instructor when you are ready and committed.
These are belt tests and cost £20. We ordinarily run belt tests every three months (March, June, September and December) but the schedule is still a little disrupted by Covid. Dates of belt tests are announced in classes, on the website and on the ATMA students group. If you would like to be added to the ATMA students group, add 'Laura ATMA Fisher' as a Facebook friend and we'll add you to the group.
You will need to pass a fitness test and submit a written test before being allowed to grade. Details of both of these can be found on this site. Fitness tests can be found by clicking on the Fitness Tests tab on the menu. Knowledge assessments are on the Documents and Info tab for both children and adults. The information to help you complete these tests in under the Background Info tab.
A note went out when we returned after the final lockdown about having your own kit to minimise contamination. This has not changed. Even without Covid, shared kit can lead to things like ringworm being passed around.
You will need:
1. Pads. Either focus pads or thai pads. Examples of both are shown on the ATMA Student group on Facebook.
2. Bo staff. It's the big sticks you see us waving around. Fancy carbon graphite ones are available online from £25 upwards. Master Fisher has two types of wooden bo staff available (£12-15). If you have small children, broomsticks will do the job, or a piece of dowling rod from B&Q (with the added bonus that they can decorate the ends to personalise them). Remember, carbon graphite will not take the contact work as well as wood will!
3. Rubber/wooden knife. (between £4 and £12) Knife form is a syllabus requirement from red belt onwards. You can have your own at any time, but in the case of children, this is at the parents' discretion.
4. Sparring kit. Now that we can have contact again, we will be making a return to sparring. You will need:
-Boxing gloves (around 8oz for kids, 10-12oz plus for adults. The heavier you are, the more padded your gloves should be)
-Shin/ foot protection. This can either be in the form of boots with separate shin protection or combined. Examples are shown on the ATMA Students group on Facebook. Again, choose something that looks weight and size appropriate. Tiny padding is for tiny people.
-Headguard. Examples are shown on the ATMA Students group on Facebook. They are available with face guards based on personal choice.
- Groin/ chest protection. We strongly recommend that all males wear a groin protector. The reasons why are obvious. Once breasts have developed, I would recommend chest protection (it is optional). Most female chest protectors are terribly designed, usually by people without breasts but I'll present several examples that may suit. Female groin guards are also available, but are utterly pointless.
-Gumshield. These vary from the pricey, dentist made ones to cheap, 'boil in the bag' models. If you have a small child/ still growing mouth/ don't spar that often, a cheap one will do. If you compete/ spar regularly and you have all your adult teeth, you may want to consider a moulded one. Gumshields do not just save teeth, but they prevent teeth cutting the inside of your mouth.

Grading Dates 2021...

We've got some catching up to do!

In addition to testing for Gup grades, there are many Dan grades and prospective Dan grades to get tested and pre-tested. We've sorted groups for testing and managed to squeeze three dates in for Dans and 2 dates for Gups.

Don't worry if you're not ready yet, we're working on the dates for 2022 and hoping that we can stick to our regular schedule! Dates are...

October 9th      Gup Grading                Coventry University, 10am-1pm

                                                            Redditch venue to be confirmed, 3-6pm

October 16th    Dan Grading/Pre-test   Coventry Boys and Girls Club, 3-6pm

November 6th   Dan Grading/Pre-test   Coventry Boys and Girls Club, 3-6pm

November 20th Dan Grading/Pre-test   Coventry Boys and Girls Club, 3-6pm

December 4th   Gup Grading                 Venues to be confirmed.


New Student Manual with links...

We've divided the Student Manual into two parts - one containing the syllabus requirements, with links to the YouTube videos and one containing information about our art and the club - information that you'll need for your written knowledge tests, as well as things you should know and frequently ask about.

Take a look at the Student Resources page and download the document. Try the links and let me know if you have any trouble accessing them.

Master Fisher

Freedom Day...?

So, Monday 19th July sees the lifting of the majority of Covid restrictions. The virus is still with us, particularly running rife among the young! We will be starting work on sparring drills along with our current content and I still expect students to be using their own kit and sanitising as we have throughout our training. This is not a time to throw caution to the wind and be gung-ho in our training. Let's apply some common sense and get back to full strength again.

Master Fisher

Check out our YouTube channel..!

Don't forget, if you want to find information and training, our YouTube channel - ATMA Martial Arts - is still up and running with plenty of videos to help you at home. If there's something you'd like to see on there, please let your instructor know.

The Facebook pages are a great 'go to' for information and news. If you're a student, please ask to join the closed group, ATMA Students. For other information, we have the Laura ATMA Fisher page and the Association of Traditional Martial Arts page, which are available to all.


Browse our site.....

Have a look around our site - there's plenty of information about us and what we do...and we love what we do! Up to date news and notices can be found at the bottom of this page - please share.

If you need to know more, you can contact any of us on the details provided,or call the Chief Instructor, Master Jacqui Fisher, on 07703 345210 or email on jfisher@atmakarate.com


Covid times...
We seem to have cornered the market in cleaning items! Even though many of the restrictions have been eased, we're carrying on with the cleaning. Have you noticed how few colds there have been this year? So have we...let's keep up the hygiene.
Bring on the road trips...!
We've really missed travelling the UK and the rest of the world because of Covid restrictions. We can't wait to get back to our training visits and tournaments. Looks like it will be 2022 before we're back in full swing, but we'll take the opportunities as they arise!
We trained where we could...!
We got creative during Covid, dancing to government allowed training. One to ones, groups of six, Zoom, kids only...you name it, we worked with it. We found outside venues, rain or shine and got on with life. And here we are...still kicking!

Latest news....

28. Feb, 2019
Annual Licence Renewals...
A reminder that March is Licence Renewal month. Check your licence and pay the necessary fee to take your licence up to March 2020. If you don't yet have a licence, now is the time to get one! Make sure that you're up to date - and that your details are correct. Any questions, speak to your instructor.

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05.03 | 16:41

Hi Elle,
I would suggest the Mondays at Ashlawn 6:30pm start or Wednesday evenings at 7pm at Boughton Leigh Junior school. Both are great for beginners. Thanks

05.03 | 10:35

Hi Elle,
I would suggest the Mondays at Ashlawn 6:30pm start or Wednesday evenings at 7pm at Boughton Leigh Junior school. Both are great for beginners. Thanks

05.03 | 10:27

Hi, I’m looking for an adults beginners class in rugby, can you advise which would be suitable??

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Hi, could you let me know which form should I will in for first time karate membership? How can I pay? Where should I send the form (and payment) to please?

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