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Gup Grading - Saturday 17th September...

Gup Grading is Saturday, 17th September. 
You should have completed your fitness test and written test in advance of grading.
A reminder that there is only one grading venue and that is...
Coventry University Sports Centre, Whitefriars Street,
Coventry CV1 2DS. 
Grading structure and requirements can be found on this website.
Please note...there will be no 10th Gup (Yellow Tag) gradings - these will, in future, be graded at class when ready.
Current provisional times are...
Group 1 - 9th Gup (Yellow Belt) 9am
Group 2 - 8th,7th Gup (Orange Belt&Orange/Green Tag) 9.45am
Group 3 - 6th, 5th,4th Gup (Green, Green 1 & 2 Tag) 11am
Group 4 - 3rd, 2nd,1st Gup (Red, Red 1 & 2 Tag) 1pm
(The grades stated are the grades you are testing for, not the grade you are now)
We will start the grading at 9am. Arrive wearing your suit and belt and bring any equipment with you. Food and drink is not permitted in the grading room. Please arrive with plenty of time to spare and leave time for parking - Whitefriars Street is on street parking and is limited. We suggest Salt Lane or Far Gosford Street car parks; others can be found on Google. If you have any questions, please contact your instructor

New Gup Grading Assessment Sheet...

Your new Gup Grading Assessment sheet - this example covers the first section. I've posted a copy of each sheet for each level on our Facebook ATMA Student Group and in all individual Messenger groups.

Please read.

Those questions at the top also count towards your overall score. 70% required at this level.

Want to be kept up to date...?

If you're a member of ATMA Karate and want to be kept up to date on things, the best place is our private Facebook group, ATMA Students. This is updated on a daily basis and is suitable for children to look at. It's all things ATMA and is monitored - all posts other than the admin posts have to be approved. Just send us a member request.

Open Seminar with iain Abernethy, May 2022...it's all about the understanding of Nihanchi!
Just one of the many dojangs visited with GM Giacobbe - our great friends at North East Tang Soo Do Association, Master Charlie Featherstone and his students!
Great Seminar with John Johnston - March 2022

2022 Calendar of events...

I've added an at-a-glance calendar to the Dates for your Diary page. It's also on the ATMA Student Group on Facebook.

Nice little side kick drill!

Student Manual with links...

We've divided the Student Manual into two parts - one containing the syllabus requirements, with links to the YouTube videos and you can download it free from the Documents and Information page.  The rest of the information about our art and the club - information that you'll need for your written knowledge tests, as well as things you should know and frequently ask about, can be found on the sub pages of the Documents and Information section.

Take a look at the Student Resources page and download the Student Manual document. Try the links and let me know if you have any trouble accessing them.

Master Fisher

Latest news....

31. May, 2022
Problems with PayPal...
Apparently, there is still a glitch with our PayPal link in the ATMA Online Store. Our platform provider tells us that this is an issue between them and PayPal and Paypal are working to fix it. In the meantime, please place your order and we'll send you bank details for transfer or you can pay in class. Thank you.
3. May, 2022
Bug in Online Store payments
We've been advised by our website provider of a bug in the interface between our website and Paypal. While this is being fixed, orders will be notified to us by email, when we will respond to you with bank details for payment. Apologies for the inconvenience.
19. Mar, 2022
Annual Licence Renewals...
A reminder that March is Licence Renewal month. Check your licence and pay the necessary fee to take your licence up to March 2020. If you don't yet have a licence, now is the time to get one! Make sure that you're up to date - and that your details are correct. Any questions, speak to your instructor.
Belfast tournament May 22
Belfast was fab! Great tournament with Master Nar and his association - always a pleasure to be with. Lots of bling and a couple of Grand Champion trophies came back with us - the team did us proud in every way.
Grading successes
Gradings are back on track! The Dan and Gup gradings we've held this year so far have been of an amazing standard and we're so proud of the way our students have stood up to the challenges of the past two years and they're shining right now. Keep up the good work!
Senior Grading Success!
Master Fisher successfully graded to 6th Dan and Jed Brown to 3rd Dan, under the examination of GM Giacobbe in May 2022 - following a two hour seminar!

Check out our YouTube channel..!

Don't forget, if you want to find information and training, our YouTube channel - ATMA Martial Arts - is still up and running with plenty of videos to help you at home. If there's something you'd like to see on there, please let your instructor know.

The Facebook pages are a great 'go to' for information and news. If you're a student, please ask to join the closed group, ATMA Students. For other information, we have the Laura ATMA Fisher page and the Association of Traditional Martial Arts page, which are available to all.


Browse our site.....

Have a look around our site - there's plenty of information about us and what we do...and we love what we do! Up to date news and notices can be found at the bottom of this page - please share.

If you need to know more, you can contact any of us on the details provided,or call the Chief Instructor, Master Jacqui Fisher, on 07703 345210 or email on jfisher@atmakarate.com


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Hi I just wanted to let Laura know I wont be at the class today. Still getting over the flu.

Bye Lyn

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29.08 | 09:59

Hello Karl,

I would recommend Mondays at Ashlawn school at 6pm, or alternatively Thursday at 7pm at Bawnmore School. These classes would be suitable for them.

29.08 | 09:14

Hello. I have two children ages 14 &15, neither with any MA experience. Where in Rugby, or nearby would be a good class to join? Thank you.

01.02 | 21:45

Hi Charlie,

We have 2 classes in Rugby. Monday's at 6pm Ashlawn school. Or Thursday's 6pm at Bawnmore infant school. Just pop along and have a free session

01.02 | 21:21

Hi looking for a class for 10yr old in rugby please

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