Nuala Grocott

I have been training in Martial Arts for about 13 years now and T’ai Chi has been an important part of that training for much of this time. I am currently a 3rd Dan in Tang Soo Do Karate and train with Master Fisher 3 times a week, plus my T'ai Chi training. There is no belt system for our T’ai Chi; the joy is in the journey not the destination. The two different but complementary disciplines go well together, the yin and yang of a hard and soft art each bringing something to the other.

I have finally been able to give up the day job and branch out into teaching full-time. I currently run two T’ai Chi classes but hope to introduce more as time goes on. I also happily help out in the karate classes if the other instructors need cover but I have no ambition at this time to start my own karate class; I will be concentrating on T’ai Chi.

Many people don’t think of T’ai Chi as a Martial Art but it undoubtedly is – it is sometimes described as the most deadly of the Martial Arts. It has been around for Centuries the stuff of legend and for many years a closely guarded secret practiced by a single family in China. In those days it was very much a fighting art used in self-defence. However, it was also developed for its health giving properties and has always been intertwined with meditation and the development of internal discipline with an emphasis on the whole person, valuing not just physical prowess but spiritual strength as well.

Master Fisher has been running T’ai Chi Classes for many years and following my training with her my classes will be very similar. The classes are informal and relaxed allowing the students to explore and find out how T’ai Chi can benefit them. We are all different and the beauty of T’ai Chi is that it has something for everyone, young and old, fit or not so fit and can be adapted for all levels of ability (including seated T’ai Chi). Each class will be an hour of time just for you where you can gently stretch yourself physically but also find peace and leave feeling better in both mind and body.

Please come along and find out for yourself what T’ai Chi has to offer you. As always with ATMA classes the first class is free. My current classes are held at Earlsdon Methodist Hall, Earlsdon Avenue South, Earlsdon Coventry. There are two classes every Wednesday. The morning class is 9.30am to 10.30am but with an extra half an hour afterwards for tea and chat and the evening one is at 6.15pm to 7.15pm. I also have a class at The Flame in the City Arcade, Coventry on Mondays at 6.30pm.

Feel free to contact me for further details or to discuss your specific needs. Also if you think there may be demand for a class in an area closer to you then I would be happy to look into opening more classes.

Nuala: 07739096650.

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24.05 | 07:18

Hello, I am running a Cub camp June 23rd arnd looking for someone to do some demo sessions for the kids between 10am and 2pm.Do you have anyone available pleas?

05.04 | 19:45

Hi. Apologies for the delay. Classes are £5 and we run through half term and all school holidays.

03.04 | 20:08

How much are the karate classes in Birmingham? And do they run during half term too?

01.03 | 19:28

Hi. Yes, there are classes throughout the week. Take a look at the Rugby page for details.

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