Jamie Hayward

Karate has pretty much been my life since the age of 10. Before I started doing Tang Soo Do, I went through quite a few sports to find what I enjoyed and find something I was good at. Back in infant school all my friends would play football and I would join in but never really find that interest in it like others. I then played golf for a bit but the club didn’t last for and so did my interest for the sport. I then got into the Rugby gymnastics club which I really enjoyed but I suddenly realised I wasn’t learning anything. My dad then took me to see a few karate classes around Rugby which was one of the best ideas ever as I came across a Tang Soo Do class which caught my eye and I remember being excited to go to my very first class the following week. Since then I’ve been going continuously and I’m now a 3rd Dan black belt.

Karate has done much more than just the physical part in my life, mentally I am more confident which has helped me in life so much. I have now got myself a brilliant apprenticeship thanks to how confident I was at the open day. If it wasn’t for going out my comfort zone in class, I wouldn’t be able to talk to others in a confident way like I do now. Karate has also shown me the mentality to never give up which I have used in gradings and got to where I am now.

Now teaching has gave me the chance to give what experience I have and help others.

My class is at 7th Group(Bilton) Scout Hut on Fridays at 7:45pm - for any more details, contact me at ATMAHayward@hotmail.com

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05.05 | 17:29

Hi. Classes are £5, on a pay per class basis.

05.05 | 09:57

Thank you for your reply, how much is each adult class?

05.05 | 08:02

Hi Chris. Thank you for your enquiry. I think he'd enjoy the adult class more - there are plenty of teenagers in there!

04.05 | 17:09

Good afternoon, my 13 year old son is interested in coming along to your Redditch Oakhill class, at his age would be come along to the children's or adult class

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