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Here at Atma Karate, we study the art of Tang Soo Do and the tales of the origin of the art vary according to whom you are speaking. Views range from it having its roots in the Shotokan system, through to it having nothing to do with Japanese arts whatsoever and its content being entirely Chinese or Korean.
It's not important. What we have is a great system, created by a man that I admire greatly, Hwang Kee.
I once stumbled upon the transcript of the meeting of the Kwans, where General Choi was pushing everyone toward the 'new' system of Tae Kwon Do - something that could be called 'entirely Korean'. Hwang Kee was the one who stood his ground and fought for the system he had - Japanese style, Chinese style or whatever. He believed strongly enough in the system and fought to preserve it and the transcripts show that he was heavily ostracised for it, given the feelings running between Korea and Japan at that time. His belief and his stubbornness allowed our art to survive - and I thank him for that. Tang Soo!

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31.07 | 11:05

My 4 year old daughter would like to join in marston green

05.05 | 17:29

Hi. Classes are £5, on a pay per class basis.

05.05 | 09:57

Thank you for your reply, how much is each adult class?

05.05 | 08:02

Hi Chris. Thank you for your enquiry. I think he'd enjoy the adult class more - there are plenty of teenagers in there!

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