Martial tales...

Where have I been....?

So much for regular blogging! Interesting times, people...let's have a catch up.

Classes are really busy. Our after school classes are back well in the swing of things - KidKick students loving the jumpy, kicky, spinniness of it all and Junior TSD students are really getting into the syllabus now. This two tier programme is really working for us - Key Stage 1 pupils get to learn all the basics before entering the full syllabus and get a great start to the full grading system.

Saturday 5th October saw us at the Wune Tang Tournament here in Coventry - what a great day. An open tournament, making for lots of diverse performances, with some great work by so many. ATMA students did us proud - I was judging, but kept hearing our name on the podium, so well done to all who took part, whether as a competitor, judge or supporter.

Looking at a busy time ahead, starting with Alastair Banks'' ABA boxing match tonight in Coventry. He's trained hard for this fight, showing total dedication to the event. Some folk just don't realise what goes into an event like this. Someone once said to me, 'Well, surely, they're ready to fight at any time?' Hmmm...that might be fine for some tournament stuff,but when you get into the serious, 'up there on your own' mularkey, it's a different matter. Getting to the right weight, getting your cardio right alongside that, getting your nutrition, training and rest patterns in the correct balance - and fighting the adrenaline challenge that constantly courses through your veins during preparation - you can't live like that all the'd just burn out. But, Alastair has done the preparation and we wish him every success tonight - we'll be right there with you at ringside.

Next weekend is the Martial Arts Expo at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry - their website is - take a look and get along there if you can. The list of people there is endless - it's going to be a mad one! I'll be presenting a workshop on the Saturday - take a look at their timetables for details.

We get so many invitations and requests that we can't take them all up. This weekend is the Pheonix TSD Tournament in Manchester. We had a great time there last year and I'm sad not to be able to go this year, but wish everyone the very best of luck for today - we're with you in spirit!

On a final note for this blog, Laura Drayton is out of her plaster cast, out of her sling, into a really funky elbow brace...and driving again - yay!! She is very happy....

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29.08 | 12:11

Ma’am this is Nukohma from Bromsgrove school, Is it possible I can still do karate in senior school?

24.05 | 07:18

Hello, I am running a Cub camp June 23rd arnd looking for someone to do some demo sessions for the kids between 10am and 2pm.Do you have anyone available pleas?

05.04 | 19:45

Hi. Apologies for the delay. Classes are £5 and we run through half term and all school holidays.

03.04 | 20:08

How much are the karate classes in Birmingham? And do they run during half term too?

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