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It's been a while! September has been a little hectic in so many ways. It's had its hiccups, but so much has been achieved as well. School classes are back in full swing and the new intake of children are settling in well with the older students. We've also seen a good influx of new students into our evening and weekend classes - both children and's great to see new blood (unfortunate turn of phrase, that!) and, in many cases, nakes the current students up their game somewhat!

What does frustrate us, though, are students who we haven't seen all summer, coming back asking when their grading is, then getting in line, showing that they've forgotten a lot of it over that break! Nothing substitutes for regular, consistent training. Students who miss lots of classes and then ask for some one-to-one training and start 'cramming', frustrate the living daylights out of me. If you want to be good at anything, you have to embrace it fully and practice regularly - and you can see the difference in the students that do just that. I'm enternally grateful for supportive parents - parents who don't let their offspring drop out of stuff at a whim. These parents go out of their way to make sure their children are at class and have the tools to get the job done - and you can guarantee that, if that's how their are with their childern's hobbies, then that's how they'll be with the rest of their life - these children will do well.

On a personal level, September has been an interesting month! The Crap Dog managed to totally destroy the back room of my house with a stomach disorder that would have rivalled the local sewage works! So, there has had to be a considerable amount of redecoration carried out...thank you, Crap Dog...not! Most of you know by now that Master Laura Drayton dislocated her elbow in her MMA training and has spent some time in a plaster cast - the trial of which has been borne by her in graceful acceptance...not! She has been seen, arm taped to her body, in training, running, in circuits and teaching her classes (where she could get to them!) Here's where having a great team at the ATMA comes into its own. Other instructors have jumped in to cover classes, people have come forward to provide transport - offers of help all round. I thank you all - you're a great team.

Coming up, we have the Wune Tang tournament in Coventry on 5th October and Alastair Banks has his boxing match on 12th October - he has tickets for this if anyone would liketo go watch him and see a great evening of boxing in Coventry.

Right...time to go to work...Tang Soo!

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29.08 | 12:11

Ma’am this is Nukohma from Bromsgrove school, Is it possible I can still do karate in senior school?

24.05 | 07:18

Hello, I am running a Cub camp June 23rd arnd looking for someone to do some demo sessions for the kids between 10am and 2pm.Do you have anyone available pleas?

05.04 | 19:45

Hi. Apologies for the delay. Classes are £5 and we run through half term and all school holidays.

03.04 | 20:08

How much are the karate classes in Birmingham? And do they run during half term too?

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