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When to shout (and when not to shout)

Today, I have shouted at quite a few people...for which I make no apology - they needed shouting at. I like to keep an even keel - when in conflict or crisis, at least one party has to remain calm and rational - two dogs barking are never going to resolve anything! But today, I have shouted - not as a reaction to conflict or crisis, but as a result of inane stupidity. Now, we all have a dose of stupid from time to time, but when it's stupidity that costs me time, I get a bit cross - time is the one thing I value above all else. You can't 'make' time. You can't 'find' time - no-one ever went to their cupboard and said, 'Oh, look - there's a couple of tins of time in here...shall we open one?' Time is precious - when it's gone, it's gone - so use it wisely. I will not spend my precious time answering the same question 4 times, sending the same document 3 times, or explaining how the system works...especially when it's that stupid person's own system - just to hear them say, 'Oh, yeah..'

Anyway, enough with the shouting. My normal state of calm has been restored and all is well at the camp...night, all....x

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01.03 | 19:28

Hi. Yes, there are classes throughout the week. Take a look at the Rugby page for details.

28.02 | 13:47

Are you still running the karate classes in rugby ???

26.02 | 14:22

I want to come and have a look on Wednesday night at boughton that adults or kids ??

17.01 | 10:44

Hi, could you let me know which form should I will in for first time karate membership? How can I pay? Where should I send the form (and payment) to please?

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