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Mon      Earlsdon          St Barbara’s Church Hall            6.30pm Karate         Brian Rogers

            City Centre     The Flame                                6.30pm T’ai Chi       Nuala Grocott

Wed      Earlsdon          Methodist Church Hall               9.30am T’ai Chi        Nuala Grocott

                                                                               6.15pm T’ai Chi        Nuala Grocott

Sat        City Centre     Coventry Uni Sports Centre       10.15am Karate         Jacqui Fisher



Tue       Bedworth         The Canons Primary                  6pm Sparring          Jacqui Fisher

                                                                                7pm Karate            Jacqui Fisher



Sun        Nuneaton         Nuffield Gym                           3.00pm Open Mat   Jacqui Fisher



Mon        Rugby              Ashlawn School                        6.30pm Karate        Alastair Banks

                                                                                7.30pm Combat TSD  Alastair Banks

Tue         Rugby             7th Scout Group, CV22 7RR         5pm   (only £2.50)

Wed        Rugby              Boughton Leigh School               6pm Karate        Alastair Banks

                                                                                 7pm KB Circuits      Alastair Banks

Thu         Rugby              Ashlawn School                        7.00pm Karate       Alastair Banks

Fri           Rugby              7th Group(Bilton), CV22 7RR      7.45pm Karate      Jamie Hayward



Thu          Kenilworth       Kenilworth Lower School          6.30pm Karate        Jacqui Fisher



Fri            Whitnash          St Joseph’s Church Hall         5.30pm Karate       Alastair Banks



Mon           Meriden           Meriden Village Hall                  9.30am T’ai Chi    Jacqui Fisher

                Fri             Solihull             Langley School         6.30pm Karate    Laura Drayton



Tue            Marston Green   Parish Hall                               5.00pm Sparring Laura Drayton

                                                                                      6.00pm Karate    Laura Drayton

Wed           Sutton Coldf.      St Peter’s Church Hall              7.30pm Weapons Ray Wilks

Sat             Castle Bromw.    Methodist Church Hall              10.00am Karate   Laura Drayton



Wed            Redditch            Oak HIll First School                 6.15pm KarateJr Jacqui Fisher

                                                                                         7.15pm Karate    Jacqui Fisher

Fri              Redditch            Arrow Valley Gym                    7.30pm Sparring  Alastair Banks

Sat             Redditch             Arrow Valley Gym                   1.00pm Karate    Jacqui Fisher



After School Classes (Pupils only) – if your child attends one of these schools, please contact the school for details.

King Henry VIII Pre-prep, Coventry

King Henry VIII Junior, Coventry

Bablake Pre-prep, Coventry

Bablake Junior, Coventry

Davenport Lodge, Coventry

Warwick Prep, Warwick

Kings High, Warwick

Arnold Lodge, Leamington Spa

Eversfield, Solihull

Ruckleigh, Solihull

Kingswood, Solihull

Shirley Heath, Solihull

Bromsgrove School, Bromsgrove

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DONE Sending...

Michelle | Reply 31.07.2018 11.05

My 4 year old daughter would like to join in marston green

Alison | Reply 02.05.2018 22.06

Hi ,I wa wondering if there is any womens only classes going on?

Jacqui Fisher | Reply 30.04.2018 21.49

Hi Andy. Apologies for the delay - we were at a tournament. Could you please speak to Alastair Banks on 07890 000174 to arrange classes. Thank you.

Andy preston | Reply 27.04.2018 19.37

Hi...thx for replying..I'm based in rugby...I have a 3rd Dan in budokan Kempo karate...A 1st Dan in shukokai karate and a brown belt in shotokan karate

Andy preston | Reply 26.04.2018 17.46

Hi....I'm looking for a new karate class to join..have 30+ years experience..not trained for 5 years..want to start up again

Jacqui Fisher 26.04.2018 22.29

Hi Andy. Thank you for your message. Where are you based, please? I can put you in touch with the relevant instructor. What style did you practice?

Shannyn | Reply 01.04.2018 15.29

I am looking for information on kids classes for rugby please ages range, times and prices. Thank you.

Alastair Banks 01.04.2018 17.12

Hi Shannyn,

Classes are available 6 days a week in rugby.

From the age of 4 years old. Class cost from£3.50 for more inform please email

Jit | Reply 13.01.2017 21.32

Hi. I wanted to enquire whether the lessons are on a monthly subscription basis or pay per session. I have 2 children that I wish to attend twice a week

Alastair Banks | Reply 30.09.2015 13.04

Hi Jack,

I teach the TSD classes in Rugby, if you want to come along to a couple of classes for free to try them out please feel free! TSD is Korean Karate.

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Latest comments

31.07 | 11:05

My 4 year old daughter would like to join in marston green

05.05 | 17:29

Hi. Classes are £5, on a pay per class basis.

05.05 | 09:57

Thank you for your reply, how much is each adult class?

05.05 | 08:02

Hi Chris. Thank you for your enquiry. I think he'd enjoy the adult class more - there are plenty of teenagers in there!

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