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Hello, thank you for coming to my web page. I am Alastair Banks a 4th Dan in the art of Tang Soo Do. I teach classes in all over Rugby and Leamington Spa, I have been training in Tang Soo Do now for 10 years and became hooked right from my first class! After training 13 hours a week in class for 2 years I finally took my 1st Dan black belt and passed. I then started teaching as soon as I could! After starting my own club, I wanted to teach full time. I finally plucked up the courage and left my job as an Account Manager for a Video Conference Company.

As a full time instructor I have never looked back and now could never think of doing anything else. It is great to see students young and old growing in confidence, taking massive steps in martial skill and their fitness levels going through the roof.

As well as being trained in Tang Soo Do, I am also skilled in the art of Boxing at ABA levelKickboxingMMASubmission Wrestling, BJJ, Self-defence pre-emptive striking (as taught by Matty Evans and John "Awesome" Anderson. I have completed my Level 1 and Level 2 Master Class course with Matty Evans and Tony Somers. Also I have 20 years of fitness training for weight loss, muscle development, combat fitness training for competition and giving Nutrition advice for the martial arts and as well as for general well being.

I am available for private lessons for all of the above from as little as £20 an HOUR! These are catered to your individual needs. Please call for details. 

I believe that gaining confidence in Martial Arts is the most important aspect that you as a person can get. Why? I hear you ask. Well confidence or self belief, are of huge importance not just Martial Arts but in all aspects of life. If you believe you can control a hostile situation, what else can you control? The outcome of an interview, a bully at work or school, ask for that promotion you deserve, try a new hobby/sport and even speak to someone you were scared of speaking to before. If you think about it, everything that you want to achieve takes self belief, even coming to your first Martial Arts class!

Many people ask me about my classes and when I tell them what I get in return is "I'll come to your class when I am fitter."  Why wait? I will get you fitter. Try and think of martial arts training like Army training. That does not mean I will put you in combats and give you a gun, but more like how it works. Let me explain! On day one they don't stick a 30kg bag on your back and send you for a 20 mile run! They start with the basics and build you up slowly until finally you can do 20 miles with 30kg on your back. Martial arts is the same we start with basic punches, blocks and kicks. Then over a period of time you will be able to do flying kicks, spinning kicks and dynamic combinations. It is all done in a way that is simple and clear to understand. 

I am full CRB checked, Emergency First Aid qualified and fully insured for martial arts teaching and training (original documents can be shown on request).

The finest factor with our martial art is that parents can train with their children and it helps bring families together. There are not many activities in which you can participate with your children and learn the same time they do. Please ask me about family discounts. 

I would love for you to come along to a class and see yourself grow or if you have any children watch them grow into self-reliant and respected young adults!

You can train in all the classes in Rugby and Leamington Spa for only £40 per month. 

I currently have classes in Rugby and Leamington Spa. For your FREE trial call me on 0789 0000 174 or email on







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Maria Shawley | Reply 24.05.2019 07.18

Hello, I am running a Cub camp June 23rd arnd looking for someone to do some demo sessions for the kids between 10am and 2pm.Do you have anyone available pleas?

Elizabeth Helliwell | Reply 07.03.2018 20.22

Good evening
Would you mind sending details about the Wednesday night class at Boughton Leigh School please? I have 3 children age 9-14 who might be intereste

Alastair Banks 08.03.2018 09.23

Hi Elizabeth,

I am Alastair and I run the classes at Boughton Leigh

If you would like to contact me on or call/message me on 07890000174

Jacqui Fisher 07.03.2018 22.54

Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for your enquiry. I've passed your details to our instructor for Rugby. He'll be in touch shortly.

Jacqui Fisher | Reply 05.04.2016 17.32

Love the interview with Master Alastair Banks on the Rugby page! Straight from the heart.....

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21.11 | 11:56

First class is free, then it's £5 per class, pay as you go.

29.08 | 12:11

Ma’am this is Nukohma from Bromsgrove school, Is it possible I can still do karate in senior school?

24.05 | 07:18

Hello, I am running a Cub camp June 23rd arnd looking for someone to do some demo sessions for the kids between 10am and 2pm.Do you have anyone available pleas?

05.04 | 19:45

Hi. Apologies for the delay. Classes are £5 and we run through half term and all school holidays.

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