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Christmas classes....

Just waiting for a couple more updates, but here's a heads up for classes over Christmas....

Master Fisher's last class will be Kenilworth on Thursday 21st and return to normal schedule on Saturday 6th January.
Master Drayton's last class will be Solihull on Friday 15th and return to normal schedule on Tuesday 2nd January.
Master Banks' last classes will be Whitnash and Redditch on Friday 15th and return to normal schedule on Saturday 6th January.
Master Rogers will, of course, not be running class on Monday 25th December and Monday 1st January - and no class on Monday 18th December.
Mr Matthew's class at Temple Grafton will be closed on Tuesday 26th December and Tuesday 2nd January.

As soon as I get details of Jamie Hayward's class and Finuala Grocott's T'ai Chi classes, I'll update this note.

Smarten up.....!

ATMA students. See this? No tshirts. All belts tied correctly. All bowed before entering the dojang. All sit correctly and quietly and are totally attentive.
They dress for the part. They feel ready for the part. And they perform to the part.
So many children treat the dojang like a playground, showing no respect for the art or others around them - and that feeds into their training. So it stops - and it stops now.
Wear your dobok and belt with pride. Make sure it's clean and tidy. Tie your belt properly - and if you're struggling, ask a Dan grade for help. Enter the dojang quietly and with confidence - you may practice or talk to your colleagues, but no running around.
A lot of this is down to me - I've been quite lenient. But the only people in the dojang not in suits should be the beginners at the back.
Let's smarten up, sharpen up and get back some traditions - and watch your martial arts improve with the change!
Tang Soo!

New licence registration procedure....

We are simplifying and tightening up the licence application and renewal process for our regular classes. In future, all licences will be renewed on 1st March annually. This way, we can ensure that everyone has an up to date licence and insurance. The fee will still be £25 and can be renewed through the website or through your instructor. Of course, if your licence hasn't expired at 1st March 2018, you will only pay the additional months required to take you through to the following March - no-one will be double charged.

It's all about the art....

Really pleased with the training and attitude of the ATMA students right now. I suppose we're a fair sized association with around 750 active members and some folk wonder why we're not at loads of competitions and shouting from the rooftops - but it's all about the art. Yes, we do comps, 3 or 4 each year and it's good for the students to meet other martial artists and build friendships - as well as pressure testing themselves under scrutiny - and we do well at comps, but I'd rather focus on the development of the art and the students practising that art. The students want the detail, the history - the story behind the movements. They're in it for the training, not the glory - and that makes me proud. Quiet competence and humilty and grace will do nicely for me...thank you.

Have a look around our site - there's plenty of information about us and what we do...and we love what we do! Up to date news and notices can be found at the bottom of this page - please share.

If you need to know more, you can contact any of us on the details provided,or call the Chief Instructor, Master Jacqui Fisher, on 07703 345210 or email on jfisher@atmakarate.com


Dan Grading, 23rd July...
Fabulous performances at the recent Dan grading and pre-test from the students. Our first Dan candidates have all served at least 7 years and had certainly put the work in to earn their grade! Welcome to the ranks of the Black Belts.
Find us on Facebook!
If you're a Facebook user, we have our student group - ATMA Students, a closed group, suitable to show to your children, with information and forms videos to help with training. Just send a request to join and we'll set you up. There's also a public page - Laura ATMA Fisher - with information and banter between students!
A great demo season!
We've had another busy summer of demos around all the regions. Thank you to all the students that give their time to take part - and get the reward of ice cream! And thank you to the organisations that invite us year after year to be part of their events.

Latest news....

11. Dec, 2017
NO class at Bedworth, Tuesday 12th December
And the next installment....
The Canons School in Bedworth have contacted me. The surrounding roads and areas around the school are unsafe and they have closed the site for a further day. So, no classes there tomorrow night! Please spread the word.....
11. Dec, 2017
Christmas classes....
Please see the notice at the top of this page for Christmas closures.
31. Jan, 2017
2017 dates so far....
Dates for your diary....

Gup gradings 2017
- Saturday 11th March
- Saturday 10th June
- Saturday 16th September
- Saturday 9th December

Dan gradings 2017
- Sunday 23rd July
- Sunday 10th December

Hwa Rang Tang Soo Do Tournament - Saturday March 11th
Cardiff Tournament - Saturday 29th April
Cambridge Tournament - Saturday 15th July
GM Giacobbe Seminar - Sunday 17th September
Phoenix Tournament - Saturday 7th October
Limerick, Ireland Tournament - Saturday 2nd December

We'll keep you posted of and additions and changes....Tang Soo!

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Hi. I wanted to enquire whether the lessons are on a monthly subscription basis or pay per session. I have 2 children that I wish to attend twice a week

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Thankyou for these worksheets, SBN's.

See you soon,



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Love the interview with Master Alastair Banks on the Rugby page! Straight from the heart.....

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It's Grading day people!!! Good luck to all and hope you enjoy yourselves

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